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We are one of the fastest and most trusted overseas education consultants in India. We strongly believe in fostering globalization, through the promotion of higher education across the borders. The studying medicine and living overseas broadens the outlook of not just the student or the worker, but his community and country as a whole. We are committed to imparting the best possible consulting services with attention to the minutest detail and personalized care for each and every student.

We are a whole year service firm, that prides itself on providing not just the best consultation, but also service that extends far beyond, like training for gateway exams, booking your air tickets, arranging for foreign exchange, helping you integrate into your new culture and keeping you updated on policy changes through our website and blogs.

We firmly believe that no dream is too big, and no case too trivial, when it comes to overseas dream. We can proudly state that many of our students have been admitted in world class universities around the globe. We are happy and proud to have grown to this stature in such a short period, but we are in no way resting on our laurels, we have many exciting changes and innovations in the pipeline, and are planning to expand our education service to many more countries.

"We have promises to keep and miles to go before we sleep".

We hope to reach out to more and more students and universities, and foster closer relations and better understanding between countries and the world.