Admission Procedure

Admission to Medicine Course in any Universities Abroad, for any academic year starts from 1st September onwards. A few universities however, entertain March intake admissions for which the processing starts from 1st February onwards. The aspirant needs to apply for Admission letter / Invitation to study from the opted Medical University, get the necessary attestation done on all the Educational certificates, and prepare himself with Passport, VISA and also make Travelling Arrangements which would totally consume a minimum of 2 to 3 months period. Therefore, in order to plan their admission in time, the following Step-wise Admission Procedure is suggested:

Aspiring students accompany with parents to get admission to MBBS/BDS/MS/MD/MDS courses in Medicine in Universities Abroad, may visit the office of M/S. CAMBRIDGE OVERSEAS EDUCATION, Salem-7 or approach their Branch Admission Coordinator, and get themselves registered by payment of a nominal fee and furnishing their personal details. The students will be allotted with a registration number, and will also be given a registration pack containing information booklets pertaining about the university, the Application form, Booklet on Extracts of MCI guidelines for foreign medical studies.

On satisfying themselves of the merits and demerits of studying Medicine Abroad, the student is expected to make an application to M/S. CAMBRIDGE OVERSEAS EDUCATION, Salem-7 through the Application form provided, enclosing all the specified documents, certificates and photographs.

Time limit for students: 2 weeks

Immediately, on receipt of the filled Application form with necessary enclosures and the admission fee, a preliminary verification is conducted by M/S. CAMBRIDGE OVERSEAS EDUCATION, Salem-7, to decide the eligibility of the student for admission to the Medicine Courses in University Abroad. Thereupon, the students are allowed a free counseling session imparting more knowledge on the prospects open to the students in opting for the study of Medicine Courses in the chosen Universities Abroad.

Estimated time for receipt of Admission Confirmation letter: 2 weeks

Once the Admission process is initiated as above, the student needs to apply for his Passport, in case the Passport is not ready. The issuance of the Passport takes a minimum period of one month and any delay in applying would delay the departure of the student abroad. However, the receipt of Admission Confirmation letter from the Medical University abroad would help the student to expedite the issue of the Passport through “Tatkal Process”.

Once Admission Letter is obtained from the Medical University abroad, the student is to remit the specified Processing Fee at the office of M/S. CAMBRIDGE OVERSEAS EDUCATION, Salem. Further, he/she is to submit the Original copies of all the specified Certificate and Documents to enable the firm to take up the process of getting the necessary attestations done to the Educational and related documents.

Estimated Time: 2 weeks

The Admitted Students should pay the Tuition and Others fees to the University Account within the stipulated time without fail. Later, the student should produce the proof of receipt for paid Tuition and other fees to University abroad at M/S. CAMBRIDGE OVERSEAS EDUCATION, Salem. The student at this stage is expected to complete his Medical Tests in any authorized Hospital when the student must clear negative in the HIV Medical test. Then Stamping of the VISA, Booking of Flight Ticket and other arrangements will be done necessarily. Then Original Admission Letter and other related documents are handed over to the student to enable him to process his Bank Loan.

Estimated Time: 2 weeks

The students are expected to complete their packing and make all necessary arrangements to travel, well in advance, as per the date intimated by M/S. CAMBRIDGE OVERSEAS EDUCATION, Salem. They should also ensure that all documents have been completed, and the Originals are kept safe and handy for verification at Immigration clearance abroad. International Students Office pertaining to the University abroad will be informed about the exact date of students’ arrival and the necessary details of their flight to enable them to receive at Airport and provide proper assistance.

After necessary procedurals as a student at the Medical University abroad, an Official Order is received by the students enabling them to register with the Migration service of the country.

Orientation Map

Orientation Camp is a very unique and special feature introduced by CAMBRIDGE OVERSEAS EDUCATION. The idea is to organize an array of services most required and imminent for a student proceeding abroad and also to prepare the mindset of both the parent and the student. The Orientation Camp will be held at CAMBRIDGE OVERSEAS EDUCATION for all admissions within Tamil Nadu. With respect to outstation admissions, the Camp is organized by the respective authorized BO pertaining to the region. The duration of Camp is one day. Every student and parent need to attend compulsorily.

Travel Tips & Guide Lines


Upon submission of your passport, we obtain your visa invitation and in due course get your passport stamped with the visa. The visa that you receive is an educational visa, which is basically an entry visa, which is valid for duration of 3 months. This means that you would have to enter the country within three months of the issuance of the visa. Upon reaching the university, the same visa is registered with the local immigration authorities and you would get a registration to stay and study at the university for one year. Simultaneously, you would also be registered at the hostel where you would be staying.


  • Passport original
  • Air Ticket
  • Visa original
  • Admission Letter original
  • Foreign currency for the fees and living expenses
  • All original certificates like 10th & +2 certificates and enough photo copies
  • Necessary important Medicines with Doctor’s prescription


  • Always adhere to the weight restriction imposed by the airline. The airlines allows the below listed baggage only.
    • Check in Bag weight maximum 20 Kgs only.
    • Hand bag weight maximum 5 Kgs only.
    Any excess baggage would have to be paid by you at the airport in cash. Please note that the weight of the baggage at home and that at the airport always varies. Therefore please carry with you adequate Indian rupees so that any excess baggage could be paid for.
  • Always carry your important documents (10th, +2, Admission letter) in your hand baggage only. Your cash and passport should always be in the waist pouch.
  • Do not accept any parcels from strangers at the airport. They may carry drugs, explosives or any banned substances. Do not talk or make relationship with co passengers or any other strangers you meet in the airport. They may rob or steal your passport or money. Always be in a group.
  • Don't carry gold jewelry and any other expensive ornaments along with you.
  • Don't forget your belongings i.e. handbag, waist pouch, spectacles, watch and gold rings etc, when you use toilets in the flights or in the airport. Maintain discipline at the airport and on the aircraft.
  • Carry pen to fill the emigration, customs and entry forms in the airports.
  • Full hand shirt with sweater or any warm clothes are advised when travelling, because of low temperature air condition in the flight and in the airport. Shoe is compulsory to both girls and boys.


Why do I need a Students Travel Plan?

Every student desires to study abroad. To make your stay abroad while studying risk free, students travel plan brings you an array of policies to choose from, which will provide the comprehensive cover for your journey.

What is Students Elite Plan?

The Student Elite Plan is a customized insurance policy for students travelling abroad.

What does the Student Elite Plan cover?

The Student Elite Plan is a customized insurance policy for students travelling abroad.

  • Accident and Sickness Medical Expenses (Hospitalization & Outpatient)
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Repatriation of remains
  • Personal Accident: It covers death and permanent disability.

Loss of Checked Baggage : Covers total and complete loss of baggage checked in by an International airline.

Tuition fees : The Company will reimburse the tuition fee paid in advance for the current semester, if the insured is unable to continue school due to serious medical condition requiring hospitalization.

Personal liability : It covers legal liability attaching in a private capacity during the course of overseas travel.

Bail Bond Insurance : Subject to all the other item and conditions if you are arrested for any in adverted law breaking during your travel overseas the company will pay the amount as mentioned in the schedule towards the bail amount for your release.